High-quality brands

Our selection includes numerous high-quality and internationally recognized manufacturers. We aim to offer our customers durable, long-lasting products at affordable prices. Below is a list of some brands that are part of our range.

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Spare parts, car accessories, tools, auto-electrical, car electronics, oils and chemicals, automotive paints, cleaning and surface treatment, batteries and chargers, interior heaters, tractor accessories, ski boxes and racks, trailers, carports & breathalyzers


Electrical supplies, small electronics, cleaning agents, lighting, outdoor and garden products and tarps.


Building materials, tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, abrasives, heaters & welding


Trailers, boat trailers, boat accessories, carports, outdoor and garden products & liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Thule products
Exide | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Exide batteries
IKH | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
IKH retail
Mobil oils
Defa | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Defa products
AD | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
AD-Finland retail
Hellyhansen Workwear | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Helly Hansen workwear
Comma | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Comma oils
Oregon | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Oregon small engine spare parts
Milwaukee | Vakka-Suomen Varaosakeskus Oy
Milwaukee tools